To Help The Universe, The United States, Hollywood, Nightclubs And Constipation Must Only Exist Once

A hypothesis of life, is that the universe is the change of enchantment into an ethical variant of itself – a change from enchantment to moral enchantment.

Expecting this is the situation, what happens, when reality turns into the change of enchantment (not really indecent enchantment?) to moral enchantment?

The progress of enchantment, to moral enchantment, is an ethical enchantment that is a non-change of enchantment. An ethical enchantment that is the non-change of enchantment is a shameless truth that is the non-change of enchantment – an indecent truth that is the non-change of enchantment is an unethical truth that is the difference in truth.

An indecent truth, that is a difference in truth is a difference in actuality that is an ethical reality; a difference truly is a genuine symmetry, and a genuine symmetry that is an ethical the truth is a real adjust that is a shameless enchantment.

So far, the reality of adjust is an enchantment that is out of line. Obviously, there’s no motivation to comprehend this rationale, yet then that is the reason the procedure isn’t finished yet: a genuine adjust isn’t the same as adjust, which implies that simply adjust has the privilege to be likened with an ethical enchantment (which clearly feels unquestionably coherent) – an adjust that is an ethical enchantment is an ethical enchantment that is an awkwardness.

Another depiction, for moral enchantment, is an adjusted unevenness. An adjusted unevenness that is a lopsidedness is an awkwardness that is an adjusted adjust – an injustice that is a reasonable reasonableness (a decency that has cognizance).

The treachery of a living reasonableness, is the equity of a non-living decency – the equity of a latent decency.

And afterward after the equity of an inert decency, what amount more is cleared out? God knows the procedure has delivered a considerable measure of progress, and it’s created a decent lot of development, however even now, can there yet be significantly more left to figure?

The equity of an inert reasonableness, or a dormant equity, is a latent equity that is low; an idle equity that is low is a dead equity that is treacherous – a living unfairness that is out of line.

A living treachery, that is uncalled for, is a living development that is itself; the turn around of a living advancement that is itself is a living flawlessness that isn’t itself – at long last, I’ve touched base at a point where I’m starting to feel upbeat.

A living flawlessness is a developing flawlessness, and an advancing flawlessness is a flawlessness that is liable to the guidelines of the real world. In proceeding with the typical procedure, a flawlessness that is liable to the guidelines of reality that isn’t itself is a flawlessness that is liable to the tenets of reality that basically doesn’t exist – bingo!

Tenets of the truth aren’t principles, thus guidelines of reality should likewise be flawlessness. A flawlessness that is liable to a flawlessness that doesn’t exist is a flawlessness that is liable to a flawlessness that is flawlessness.

A flawlessness that is liable to a flawlessness that is impeccable is reality that a flawlessness can’t be liable to a flawlessness; reality that a flawlessness can’t be liable to a flawlessness is reality that a flawlessness must contradict a flawlessness.

On the other hand, a shortcoming must not restrict a shortcoming – or at the end of the day, each part of history must help each other part of history.

A piece of history is a piece of a succession. A piece of an arrangement is a grouping of no part – a succession that has no division.

A succession is a division. A division that is one must help another division that is one; a division that is one is a 2 that is 1 – a 2 that is 1 is a 1 that isn’t 2, and a 1 that isn’t 2 is only a 1 that is 1.

1 being 1 is hostile to being against. Hostile to being against isn’t being against. Not being hostile to is acting naturally: acting naturally should be simply the help of being.

Acting naturally is against; hostile to must be the wellspring of against – a source can’t have a hostile to that exists more than once.

To aggregate up: once reality has its source, nothing past the source can exist more than once (which obviously runs totally counter to the DNA of the real world).

Countries are unique, yet any country is a replication. Feelings are unique, however any feeling is a replication. Identities are unique, yet any identity is a replication.

Games are extraordinary, yet any game is a replication. Houses are extraordinary, however any house is a replication. Professions are extraordinary, however any vocation is a replication.

Ladies are unique, however any lady is a replication. Planets are unique, however any planet is a replication.

And so forth and so forth.

To adjust the universe, and to serve God, the universe needs to organize itself with the goal that anything in the universe isn’t a replication.